7 facts about infidelity: what modern science says

The concept of treason is surrounded by dozens of myths. Some of them are dangerous for relations. For example, the opinion is that everyone is excessively cheating (which means “and I can”), or a common phrase that “going to the left” strengthens the marriage. And what is reliably known about treason?

What do we know about infidelity? Everyone is afraid of them, many of us came across them, and no one knows how to protect themselves from them. Psychologists from the University of Florida Frank Finch and Ross Mei approached the adultery question thoroughly and summarized research on this topic. This is what they found out.

1. Probability theory

For one year, approximately 2-4% of spouses enter into relations on the side. Throughout the joint life of spouses, infidelity occurs in 20–25% of marriages.

2. Love affair at work

85% of change occur with colleagues or at the place of work.

3. Summer is a small life

Just like sexual behavior, betrayal is subject to seasonal fluctuations. In particular, they reach a peak in the summer, because in the summer people travel more, and rest alone, far from a partner, gives more opportunities for secretes. “What happened in the resort will remain at the resort” – a common excuse.

4. Progress affects the frequency of change

In the period from 1991 to 2006, betrayal has been catastrophically more frequent, especially among men over 65 years old. Psychologists explain this by the appearance of funds in the market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

5. Betrayal of women more often lead to divorce

Women began to change much more often than 10–20 years ago. In the age category up to 45 years today, the percentage of treason is approximately the same for representatives of both sexes. Women are usually emotionally involved in relations with a lover, which often leads to a divorce than a one -time illegitimate sex of married men.

6. An apple from the apple tree

Children who grew up in families where betrayals were practiced, in adulthood, are twice as often to make lovers in marriage.

7. Work moment

They are more common in pairs where one partner works and

Comment comprendre que le fond hormonal a été dérangé? Si un homme se plaint constamment de la fatigue et de la réticence à satisfaire des exercices préférés, c’est un signe sérieux. Vous pouvez confirmer ce qui se passe en passant à l’analyse de la testostérone. Ensuite, cela mérite medicament pour augmenter la libido chez l’homme réduction de l’intensité de la formation, de mettre en évidence plus de temps en vacances et de faire des pauses plus longues entre approches. La restauration de la libido peut prendre plusieurs mois.

the other is not.

Bonus Fact: Guilty Feeling

There is another fact – the professor of psychology at the University of Brown and the author of the book “The Secrets of Happy Husband” Scott Halzman is convinced that most deceivers are guilty and deep down dream of revealing.

“People can subconsciously strive to be brought to clean water. The trace of lipstick on the collar, open letters in email on a family computer – you don’t need to look for evidence for a long time, ”says Scott Haltsman. – Often this is a cry for help. Many of the traitors want them to be declassified and they can stop. But they don’t know how to do it “.

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